About our company

Seaweed Pest Control and supplies Ltd is a registered company located along Ronald Ngala Street in the city of Mombasa, Kenya. We offer tailor made services in cleaning, fumigation, pest control etc. alongside superior quality cleaning products including a multipurpose detergent, hand washing gel, disinfectant and anti-stain detergent to suit our customers needs at a reasonable price for maximum customer satisfaction.

We have industrious and experienced staff in the service sector who have perfected their skills with time and offer services as per customer specifications. Their work ethics are unmatched in the field hence adding value to our organization and solving our customer's problems.

At seaweed, we meet and exceed the growing needs of our customers and safeguard the environment by putting in place high moral standards and production of environmental friendly products.

We intend to be the leading product and service provider in this growing sector. We are on the way to achieve this by setting high quality standards, competitive rates and reasonable prices, acquiring qualified and competent staff, maintaining confidentiality and lastly implementing/doing proper planning, co-ordination, organization and management of our organization.